See the World through a Child's Eyes
See the World through a Child's Eyes


ChildsSide is a Community Interest Company, a partnership invested in sparking emotional connectivity in families and communities.


ChildsSide is a creation of Liz Ranson and Judith Shalkowski, a consultancy service with a vision for wellbeing and positive relationships in families.


ChildsSide’s approach is influenced by recent developments in neurobiology and the application to emotional development. Programmes will aim to promote community and connection for children and families through awareness and understanding of brain development and its impact on social and emotional wellbeing. Information and tools on topics such as attachment, communication, behaviour and dysfunction will enhance the context of positive parenting with accessible and up to date information.


ChildsSide is a new and dynamic service provision targeting health and wellbeing in families and communities with programmes for parents, carers and professionals.

ChildsSide - the People


Elizabeth Ranson, Director

R.N. & R.M.

In the past 2 years ChildsSide developed and delivered 3 seminars for Kinship/Fostering groups and 4 series of Older Yet Wiser© Workshops for grandparents across Leeds (funded by Big Lottery) and Bradford (Better Start Bradford/Bradford Trident). Judith and I have a growing reputation for integrity and our socio-educational workshops all have a stress-informed bias. Our mission is to facilitate access to current parenting/grandparenting views and research within the practical group workshops, allowing for a safe, positive, and respectful environment conducive to shared learning.


My professional practice as a senior midwife gives me extensive experience that helps me to support women, babies and families through their pregnancy and birth. I passionately believe in the right of women to choose their birth experience and aim to empower them to make informed decisions.


ChildsSide strongly believes in positive parenting and family connections; we aim with fun and innovative ideas to increase the overall health and emotional wellbeing of the family. Exciting new research is allowing us to discover and understand what we have to offer the next generations.


Qualifications: RN. RM. The Incredible Years - Basic including Toddler and Early Years

Youth Mental Health First Aid (YMHFA) Training Course

Restorative Practice Awareness Training

Safeguarding Level 3 Training


Judith Shalkowski, Director

Associates Degree in Applied Sciences

Diploma in Leadership and Management in Health and Social Care for Children

NVQ in Early Years

In 2015, ChildsSide set about inspiring families, so everyone benefits from sparking emotional connectivity. Liz and I are thrilled to be designing and co-facilitating workshops and seminars and contributing to positive relationships. We have delivered successful services, working with partners across Yorkshire, and are pleased to be working with myLifePool to provide Emotional Connections courses for parents and grandparents.


Across fifteen years of management experience with a major charity, I designed, led and managed teams delivering services to children, vulnerable groups, young refugees and migrant families across Leeds and North Yorkshire. I’ve focused my professional career as an early years specialist and training provider on investing in families, empowering them to remain resilient to challenges and embrace opportunities in their lives.


Liz and I are infusing our Enthusiastic Parenting© workshops with recent research on trauma and brain development, and its application to child wellbeing, utilising up-to-date and practical information that benefits families. Our service delivery has received wholly positive feedback from funders and partners for using innovative resources to apply learning to the critical period of a child’s development, offering enough inspiration to families to help children thrive on their life journeys.



Associates Degree in Applied Sciences, Education

NVQ Early Years Specialist

Diploma, Leadership and Management in Health and Social Care for Children

Incredible Years, Basic, including Toddler and Early Years

Youth Mental Health First Aid

Restorative Practice and Safeguarding 

Fiona Duncan, Director

MA (Hons) French, MBA

Fiona comes to ChildsSide with a background in management, education and training.


"During my career, I have gained wide experience in both the public and private sectors and have also spent time overseas. The completion of an MBA while in my last full-time position helped me to consolidate much of the business knowledge acquired during my working life. As a senior manager in a Non-Departmental Public Body in Scotland, I liaised closely with schools, teachers and pupils. In particular, I was responsible for the development of teaching resources and training materials for teachers. More recently, I have worked independently as a free-lance consultant and have completed a variety of projects which combined my understanding of the education sector, with my organisational and marketing skills."


"I am delighted to be involved in ChildsSide which will give me the chance to promote the vision of Liz and Judith - two outstanding champions of children and their parents. I hope that my operational and marketing expertise will prove useful in furthering the objectives of the organisation. I wholeheartedly endorse the aims of ChildsSide and lend it my full support in its drive to improve the emotional health of families in the region."

New Qualification: Recently undertaken Restorative Practice Awareness Training.

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