See the World through a Child's Eyes
See the World through a Child's Eyes

Welcome to ChildsSide!

ChildsSide is a Community Interest Company, a partnership invested in sparking emotional connectivity in families and communities.


ChildsSide is a creation of Liz Ranson and Judith Shalkowski, a consultancy service with a vision for wellbeing and positive relationships in families.


ChildsSide’s approach is influenced by recent developments in neurobiology and the application to emotional development. Programmes will aim to promote community and connection for children and families through awareness and understanding of brain development and its impact on social and emotional wellbeing. Information and tools on topics such as attachment, communication, behaviour and dysfunction will enhance the context of positive parenting with accessible and up to date information.


ChildsSide is a new and dynamic service provision targeting health and wellbeing in families and communities with programmes for parents, carers and professionals.



What a fantastic  workshop series



“This course helped me to think differently about a child’s behaviour. This is an entirely different way of thinking about these things! I no longer blame myself for not loving enough or not being a good enough parent. As a result, I had a massive change in thinking when learning about the brain science.


I can’t fix other people – I need to think and deal differently when it comes to emotions in my relationships. I think more now about my granddaughter’s view and what is happening for her emotionally, in times of stress.” Grandparent Champion



Grandparents felt Older Yet Wiser© helped with

  • family relationships
  • understanding grandchildren
  • increased confidence in decision making


"Getting to know others and finding all new ways to deal with emotions, play and understanding from birth of the growth of the children." - SM


"I have been very proud of coming to this course and it has inspired me to go on other classes." - SA



"Talking to children, understanding how life can affect children, dealing with children more empathetically." - IB


Better Start Bradford & Older Yet Wiser©

The greatest moments with Older Yet Wiser Grandparents

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ChildsSide is a Child Friendly Ambassador and will be actively involved in



ChildsSide is proud to be supported by Leeds Childrens Services and Kinship care teams. We invested in working for a Child Friendly Leeds.

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