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See the World through a Child's Eyes

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Harrogate: Free 2 hour workshop for grandparents.


Your Brain is Amazing -- Older Yet Wiser Workshop for Grandparents

Friday 16/3/2018 1pm to 3pm Oatlands Community Centre HG2 8DZ


Offered by myLifePool, Presented by ChildsSide


This is a practical and fun course to celebrate your wonderful brain and gather ideas for fun activities to share later with a child. Explore how the brain links emotions and how that plays out in behaviour. You'll find it helpful to understand how brains work!


Topics covered: The brain and how it controls emotions, feelings, play, active listening, communication and relationships.


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Fun with hats in Brain week! - great opportunity to talk about your Amazing Brain, how it works and what happens inside your body, explaining all those links to how we control our Emotions and Feelings.


We all want the best for the children in our lives, but how do we do this throughout our families?

We all need to understand what is happening in our Brains - how this then affects our emotional responses, actions and relationships. This information allows us to make informed, thought out and planned responses, through this we become stronger and more resilient.



As Dan Seigel says in  'Whole-Brain Child'

The 3 new R’s of Education should be Reflection, Relationships and Resilience: When children are interconnected, in tune with others, and have the capacity to be reflective, it increases empathy and understanding for the self and others. The ability to be reflective and to understand the self and others is what builds resiliency.




Older Yet Wiser©



What a fantastic workshop series



“This course helped me to think differently about a child’s behaviour. This is an entirely different way of thinking about these things! I no longer blame myself for not loving enough or not being a good enough parent. As a result, I had a massive change in thinking when learning about the brain science.


I can’t fix other people – I need to think and deal differently when it comes to emotions in my relationships. I think more now about my granddaughter’s view and what is happening for her emotionally, in times of stress.” Grandparent Champion



Grandparents felt Older Yet Wiser© helped with

  • family relationships
  • understanding grandchildren
  • increased confidence in decision making


"Getting to know others and finding all new ways to deal with emotions, play and understanding from birth of the growth of the children." - SM


"I have been very proud of coming to this course and it has inspired me to go on other classes." - SA



"Talking to children, understanding how life can affect children, dealing with children more empathetically." - IB


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Free 2 hour workshop for grandparents.


Your Brain is Amazing -- Older Yet Wiser Workshop for Grandparents. Friday 16/3/2018 1pm to 3pm Oatlands Community Centre HG2 8DZ


Partner of Dana Foundation.Org - Brain Awareness Week

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